Photo by Brett Jordan
Photo by Brett Jordan

Assembly, you must investigate mayoral misconduct

12/13/2021 4:34 PM

Dear Assemblymembers:

By now you will no doubt have seen the Alaska Landmine story describing several outrageous, irresponsible and potentially illegal acts by the mayor and his minions. Because the Landmine story is based on anonymous sources, it is imperative that the Assembly take on the responsibility of determining exactly what happened, who was involved, in what capacity and to what degree.

If the alleged misconduct is truly the cause of the police chief’s departure, your constituents need to know that.

With the passing of every day, the Municipality of Anchorage comes more to resemble a slowly sinking pirate ship. The only difference is the degree to which it is the crew that is abandoning ship and the rats in command that are still aboard.

I am not sure what tools of investigation the Assembly has at its disposal, but I urge you to use whatever ones you can muster to get to the bottom of this matter. If nothing else, bring the details into the light of public scrutiny. I’m sorry this responsibility falls into your lap, but I’m afraid it does.


Pat Dougherty

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