Water engineer in safety gear.
Water engineer in safety gear.

Email shows Mayor Bronson lied about fluoride

12/17/2021 12:14 PM

From the AWWU email reported by The Alaska Landmine today:

(Redacted) AWWU employee sent the email, subject line “FL2 Offline,” to 10 (redacted) AWWU employees and Mark Corsentino, the utility manager. There is a second unredacted name, “Jokela,” on the list.

The email says,

“During Mayor Bronson’s visit to Eklutna today the subject of dosing fluoride into the drinking water was considered in conversation. It was explained to mayor Bronson that Municipal Charter directs the AWWU water plants to dose fluoride, and it was not a compliance issue with ADEC. He also asked about the total annual expense of dosing fluoride, we showed it would be a significant cost savings to stop dosing fluoride when considering all cost (chemical, maintenance and labor). At that point Mayor Bronson then directed water treatment staff at all AWWU water plants that dose fluoride to take fluoride systems offline, and he would take up the conversation with the assembly.

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