Water utility manager Mark Corsentino
Water utility manager Mark Corsentino

Why were you all lying, Mark?

1/24/2022 2:45 PM

Questions I wish Assembly members had asked water utility General Manager Mark Corsentino during its work session on fluoridation:

What did you think when the Alaska Landmine accurately reported that Mayor Bronson had asked you to stop the fluoridation of Anchorage’s water, and you had complied?

Were you surprised when the mayor’s spokesman denied that such an event had ever taken place?

Do you know why the mayor’s office lied about asking you to stop fluoridating Anchorage’s water?

Does AWWU, under your management, have a policy of telling the truth to the public about AWWU activities?

Does that policy apply regardless of whether the mayor is lying or telling the truth about AWWU activities?

Did you consider issuing a press release correcting the public record by confirming that the event had happened?

Why not?

Perhaps one more work session . . .

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